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Plant & Machinery

Layout is designed with HVAC system with 0.3 micron Hepa filters, water treatment plant, RO DM plant, garden and parking facility as per WHO guideline.

The Plant is located on Ahmedabad-Mehsana highway. The manufacturing premises is widely spread into 10,500 sq. ft. Plant will be constructed as per the guidelines of Revised Schedule M and as per standards of GMP and WHO. Plant layout is approved from FDCA, Gujarat.



This company is well Hi-tech equipped with latest fully Auto PLC based Liquid Manufacturing Plant with Auto Liquid Filling, Sealing and Labeling Line, Fully Auto PLC based Ointment Manufacturing Plant, Auto Ointment Filling Machinery and External Liquid plant.

Packing requirement is the demand of the day so Bracing Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd have latest Alu-Alu, Packing M/c, Blister Pack M/c etc.

This company is conscious of the fact that production of pharmaceuticals requires highest care so This company has state-of -the-art GLP laboratory which has HPLC, Microprocessor Controlled Dissolution Test apparatus, UV-VIS spectrometer, IR, Micro section and other 63 highly sophisticated laboratory instruments.



Oral Liquid 30000 Bottles
External Preparation(Ointment / Liquid) 15000 Tubes/6000 Bottles

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